Guide To Finding Pokémon In Pokémon Go

July 15, 2016
Finding Grass Pokemon In Pokemon Go

With the whole world going crazy regarding PokemonGo. Everyone wants to catch Pokémon which are unique and have better powers. But it isn’t an easy task finding them as they are hidden at various places. Some people  have met with freak accidents while searching for them and have ended up finding them at weird places such as grave yards, holocaust museums, Gyms and dark alleys.

Finding Pokemon Go
But how about looking for them around your home. Their are certain places one can probably find a Pokémon at their homes, based on the Pokemon characteristics.

Here is a guide to help you find some of the Pokemons. Happy catching em all !

1. Look for Grass Pokémon like Bulbasaur and Caterpie near Garden and green spaces.
Finding Grass Pokemon In Pokemon Go

2. If your looking for Gas Pokemon like Koffing, you might probably find him in your fridge.
Koffing In Pokemon Go

3.  Water Pokemon like Squirtle would be mostly near a swimming pool. Knowing his love for fun activities. Squirtle In Pokemon Go
4. Raticate is most likely to be found near Dining Tables as it will be a perfect place for him to hide.Raticate In Pokemon Go

5. Sludge Pokemon like Grimmer are most like to be found near Kitchen spaces such as Chimneys and other areas.Grimmer In Pokemon Go

6. Poison Pokemons Like Beedril can be found near Kitchen spaces. Beedrill In Pokemon Go

7.  Pokemon which have Aquatic Features like Magikarp can be found near AquariumsMagikarp In Pokemon Go

8. Look for Dark and Dusty spaces around Furniture and Rooms for finding Ghost Pokemon like Hunter.Hunter in Pokemon Go

9. You never know what you might find in your room until you clean it. Maybe there is a rare Pokemon under the mess. Myuu In Pokemon Go

10. And there are limited Poke Balls like SBricks ball which are rare to find. Through this you can get all the mess and repairs around your house done in click.Rare Pokeman Balls In Pokemon Go

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