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Easy To Do Dry Cleaning Tips at Home By Professionals

July 25, 2016
Dry Cleaning Tips

Ever wondered how dry cleaning got its name? The reason is simple: it’s a process which doesn’t require water & instead uses a solvent called perc, short for “perchloroethylene.” Most professional dry cleaners rotate clothes in a perforated stainless steel basket in which solvents are pumped in and filtered out to absorb and remove the stains and dirt in the garments. This is one of the dry cleaning tips or secrets, as you may call it.

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And question that keeps popping into the minds of people is if we can dry clean clothes at home naturally. Yes you can, but one has to follow certain precautions and procedures.

Simple Tips for Dry Cleaning at Home like a Pro

1. Before you plan dry cleaning at home, check the label of clothes.

Clothes Label
Some materials such as velvet, suede, fur, delicate stitching and bead types are better left off to professional dry cleaners. Further, only wash your clothes if it is mentioned on the label it can be machine washed.

2. Use handheld fabric steamer to smooth out creases and wrinkles

Handheld Fabric Steamer

Source: Amazon

A common reason why people drop clothes at dry cleaner is because the clothes are wrinkled even though they’ve less dirt on them. Use a handheld fabric steamer to smooth out all kinds of creases and wrinkles on the just used garment.

3. Get rid of oil stain on leather bag or purse using baby powder.

Oil Stains On Purse

Source: adorethelife

Remove the oil stain on your favorite leather bag or purse by coating baby powder on the stain and let it sit for overnight.

4. Treat stains caused due to beverages with water right away.

Coffee Spilling

Stains caused due to beverages such as coffee and juice end up leaving bad stains. Wash them right away with water as if they are long while they will get absorbed and become permanent.

5. Remove lipstick on garments using hairspray.

Lipstick Stains On ShirtThe best way to get rid of lipstick stains is using hairspray. Spray the spot with hairspray, let it set for 10 minutes, dab with a damp washcloth, and wash as normal.

6. Wear a scarf to keep your leather jacket collar clean.

Scarf On Leather Jacket

Source: viennawedekind

Body oils and perspiration tend to damage the collar area of your favorite leather jacket. Wear a scarf to absorb these body oils and perspiration.

7. Avoid spraying deodorants on silk clothes as it damages them.
Silk Clothes Damage
Always be cautious while trying to dry clean your favorite clothes at home and remember to blot instead of rubbing. Prefer getting professional help from dry cleaners to clean bigger stains.

Dry Cleaning At Home


Easy To Do Dry Cleaning Tips at Home By Professionals
Read some best Dry Cleaning Tips you can do at home. your Ultimate Laundry guide. Your Search for Dry Cleaning Methods ends here.

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