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27 Dining Table Designs For Your Dream Home

July 20, 2016


Dining table sets the overall mood of the space. Add a dash of elegance to your dining room in a snap with amazing dining table designs and dining chairs. There are many online furniture stores where you can get best and simple dining tables -both wooden and glass dining table sets at competitive prices. There are so many amazing designs out there, that will make the choice even more difficult. And, if you are not happy with the designs available on the stores you can simply avail carpentry services online and get the dining table designed as you like.

Types of Dining Table Designs

Tables come in a wide variety of materials, shapes, heights depending on style, intended use. There are many dining table set designs that are designed to add an edge to your kitchen. Such as circular, elliptical, square, rectangular, and much more. While these occupy space, there are foldable dining table designs that you can opt for if you do not have enough space in your dining room. Going from a dining table for four to table for six is like a child’s play.

Look at some of the best dining table designs:

1. Space crunch? Foldable dining set with a set of four chairs adorns your dining room.

Foldable Dining Table Design

Source: Pepperfry

2. Dine in a Kitchen. Opt for a circular or round dining table that fits in a cozy dining area.

Circular Dining Table


3. Looking for a table that handles more guests? This one can be a perfect choice.

Narrow Table Designs


4. Narrow dining room? Opt for a rectangular table which is the best choice for long, narrow dining room areas.

Rectangle Dining Table Design


5. Glass dining table can be a striking centerpiece for your dining room.

Glass Dining Table


6.  If your tight on budget, refurnish your old table. Add a new look to it by working on your carpentry skills.

Refurbhished Dining Table

Source: Pinterest

7. Elevate the style of your dining room with the type of dining table you want, be it a drop-leaf, glass, wood or a counter-height table.

Leaf Table Design


8. Less Space? Opt for chairs and tables that fit into shelves.

Shelf Fitting Table Design


9. Looking for multi-functional furniture? This sofa can be easily converted into a small dining table with six padded stools.

Round Table Chair Insert


10. Small kitchen? Take a look at this round table and these four chairs that perfectly fit underneath.

Convertible Dining Table Design

Source: Julia Kononenko

11. Looking for a small table? This fold-down table can serve the purpose.

Dining Table Designs for Dream Home


12. Multi-purpose dining table. This dining table can be converted as a pool table.

Dining Table Pool Table


13. Sofa Table would be perfect option, for house facing the beach.

Sofa Table Designs


14. In-built kitchen with marble or  wooden touch would add a perfect dash of glamour to your home.

Inbuilt Dining Table Kitchen Design


15.  Add a bit of retro style to your home with Booth Kitchen Dining Table.

Booth Dining Table Design


16.  Rustic Dining table designs would be good for outdoor spaces.

Pation Dining Table Design


17.  Tired of chairs, give your dining table a new outlook by replacing them with benches.

Dining Table Desing Benches

Source: Pinterest

18. If your looking for long leg space and width on table, opt for X- style dining table designs.

X Dining Table Design


19. Refurbish your  old dining table, and give it a patio look.

Patio Dining Table Design


20. Marble dining table design would give a regal touch to your house.



21. Beach House Dining Table

Beach House Dining Table


22. Open Kitchen Dining Table

Open Kitchen Dining Table Design


23. Give your dining table a twist by adding a chandler on top with cushion style chairs.

dining area


24. Concrete Outdoor Dining Tables.

Concrete Outdoor Dining Table

Source: decozilla

25. If your tight on space. Square dining table design would be a good idea.

Square Dining Table


26. Extendable Dining Tables are the trending designs. Just extend the dining table whenever you need extra space.

Extendable Dining Table

Source: homedit

27. Loft Dining Table designs. If your looking for simple and sleek design.

Loft Dining Table Design

Source: Pinterest

Choose the right dining table that best fits your dining area. And, if you are the life of the party, make sure that the table you opt handles more guests too. Enjoy the company of your friends and family by sharing stories and jokes over a delicious meal or a few refreshing drinks.

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