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8 Simple Tips To Clean Your Bedroom

June 30, 2016
Bedroom Cleaning Tips

Has your pile of clothes and other stuff almost taken over your bed? We get it! Practically, we all sail in the same boat when it comes to our personal space. Most of us, knowing that bedrooms are our only place of peace and solace, often keep it messy. Hence our mornings always turn out to be grumpy, messy and irritable.

Smoothing sheets and plumping pillows is not the end of cleaning up the room. It requires much more attention and detailed effort. If you think you are where we are, just put on some comfy clothes, some nice music and start following our tips.

Below are Few Bedroom Cleaning Tips:

1. Start with assembling your stuff that is laying around in appropriate order i.e. Books, music CD’s, hard drives, gadgets, etc. and allot right draws or cupboards for each of them.

Bedroom Shelves

2. Remember to dust the drawers, shelves, furniture, bed sills, and head boards with dry dusting mitts or cloths before you place your belongings. Keep these dusting cloths handy near your night stand so that you can dust whenever needed.
Dusting the drawers

3. Strip the bed sheet, pillow cases and put it for wash. Flip the mattress, dust it and put on fresh sheets and pillow covers.
Cleaning Bed
4. Move onto the closet. Pick the clothes that are lying around and sort them into wash pile and stack pile. Clean up the wardrobe and place everything where it belongs. Add some naphthalene balls to the wardrobe for the clothes to hold clean and fresh incense.

Cleaning Bed Sheets

5. Now is the time to sweep or vacuum the floor. Move aside furniture, bed, etc. and clean thoroughly.
Cleaning Bedroom Dancing
6. Change your curtains if you think they need a wash too.
Dirty Curtains
7. Use a good fragrance cleaning liquid that works as a great disinfectant too, to mop your floor and get rid of the stains and stuffy  smell.
Cleaning Liquids

8. Now that you have done the needful, either spray a room freshener or light an aromatic oil to fill the room with peaceful aura.
Aromatic Oils

Let bedrooms be your sanctuary, than a storage dumpster. Come home to your clean, hygienic personal space, lie down and let your worries drift away. Make it a habit to at least do your bed before you step out, every morning. Trust us when we say the payoff at the end of the day is sweet and relaxing when you slip under those unruffled sheets.

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