A Tribute to All the Superhero Dads – Happy Fathers Day

June 17, 2016

Moms may be the dearest, but the role of Dad in one’s life is irreplaceable. From helping you with your first steps to watching you dance your first dance, Dad has always been the one to watch over you, as a Messiah… always there to help you pick you up when you fall down. To all the dads out there, thanks for being the super heroes that you are. Here is a tribute to some of the special moments.

1. You have been the best thing that has happened to me since I first came to this world

Dad Holding Hands

2. Thanks for being my super hero when I couldn’t fall asleep

Jensen Ackles Holding Baby

3. Thanks for relentlessly keeping up with my erratic sleep patterns

Dad Cradling Baby

4. Thank you for all the bed time stories

Dad Bedtime Stories

5. Thanks for teaching me how to walk tall

Dad Son Walking

6. Thanks for teaching me how to be the ‘cool kid in town’
Dad Teaching

7. Thank you for teaching me how to face the world
First Day School Dad

8. Thanks for always cheering me up
Baby Laughing

9. Thanks for always believing in my dreams, even if they seemed almost impossible

Dad Recreating

10. Thanks for being my inspiration
Martyn Ford Daughter

11. Thank you for having my back all the time. Even when it didn’t look like it
giphy (3)
12. Thanks for never missing a single match
Dad Son Proud
13. And being my 4 AM friend and confidant
My Dad My Hero

14. The talks we have had are the ones I would cherish the most, even when we said nothing at all
Dad Son Talking

15. I would always be your princess and you, my King
Disney Princess
16. Thank you for trusting me to find the perfect partner for myself
17. Thanks for being the Best Dad of The World
Best Dad

Call him, not because it is Father’s Day, but because he needs to know that we would not be where we are, if not for him.



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