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12 Simple Tips For Deep Cleaning Your Car

June 29, 2016
Making Own Air Freshner

Clean your car like a pro. Make it look like it is brand new. With these simple car cleaning tips, your car would look like it just rolled off the lot. Simple tricks with tools you might find just around the house. Cleaning does not always have to be a chore!

1. Clean AC vents using paint or foam brush
Cleaning AC VentsGet rid of the dirt in the AC vents using a paint brush or foam brush. You can create your own foam brush by using a cleaning sponge.

2. Get the dirt out of the vinyl, by scrubbing with a toothbrush
Cleaning Car VinylGet that old tooth brush to good use. Soak the brush in a detergent water and clean the vinyl.

3. Polish the leather on dashboard using olive oil
Olive Oil Cleaning Dashboard
Before using the olive oil, dust the dashboard. Take little bit of oil on a plain cloth and clean over the dashboard. To give it a shiny and new look.

4. Make your own air freshener by using a clothespin
Making Own Air Freshner
Take a wooden clothespin and soak it into any essential oil which you like. Let it soak in it for a while. Once it has soaked enough, simply clip it into any air vents.

5. Use tooth brush to get rid of dirt and crumbs on the seats
Cleaning Dirt of Car Seats
Got those food crumbs on the seats from your last outing. Get rid of it using this simple trick, clean it with a dry toothbrush.

6. Clean your headlights with tooth paste
Cleaning Headlights Using Toothpaste
This trick might sound a bit odd. But it does work, pour the paste on a plain cloth and scrub it over the headlights.Rinse it off with water post the cleaning.

7. Use clay bar post car wash to remove leftover grim
Clay Bar Cleaning GrimAfter washing your car, use a clay bar to pick up bits of grime that water doesn’t rinse off.

8. Keep loose change within reach by storing it in a empty gum container>
Gum Container Loose Change

9. Clean the floor mats using stain remover

Cleaning Car MatsSpray your mats using stain removers. You can find many brands in the supermarket. After spraying it toss them into wash machine for cleaning. 

10. Get dead bugs of your car using dryer sheets
Cleaning Dead Bugs On Car

11. Use vacuum + brush to clean all the car knobs and buttons

12. Wipe down window wipers using alcohol

Wipe down your windshield wipers with rubbing alcohol to prevent a smeared windshield.

These car cleaning tips are sure to make your car look brand new. But if your too busy with your work schedule or are planning to put those weekends to a better use. You can just opt for car washing service at home.


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