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20 Simple Tips For Cleaning Your Home

July 26, 2016
Potato Cleaning Skillet

Expecting guests at home tonight? In a hurry to clean up the entire house? Or need to know how to clean up some stubborn stains? We have some simple home cleaning tips that can help you tidy up the house within no time.

Follow these simple tips and wow your guests:

1. Dust Your Ceiling Fan With Pillow Case

Clean Ceiling Fan
Clean your fan blades with a pillow case. Slide it over a fan blade and pull it back, keeping all the dust contained within the pillow case. Do it once a month to prevent dust and dirt from piling up.

2. Stubborn Grease Stains With Warm Soapy Water

Clean Stove StainsSoak drip pans and knobs in warm soapy water before cleaning your stove. By the time you clean the stove, they will be easier to clean. 

3. De – Funk Your Combs With Dish Soap Water

Cleaning Your CombsClean your hairbrushes and combs with a sudsy solution of a few drops of a dish soap mixed with warm water. Your combs are now clean and you can use them for keeping your locks beautiful. 

4. Clean Soleplate Of  Iron Using Salt

Clean Iron Sole PlateTake a tablespoon of salt on a towel, plug the iron and heat it to the highest setting and turn off the steam completely. Now, iron the surface of salt gently and you are done.

5. Deep Clean Mattress With Baking Soda

Cleaning Mattress Baking SodaSprinkle your mattress with a cup of baking soda or as required and vacuum it after a while to see good results.

6. Maintain Stainless Steel Sinks with Lemon and Borax

Cleaning Stainless SinkClean the sinks using borax and lemon juice. Who knew they are a perfect combo for it?

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7. Stains On Faucet With Lemon

Clean Stains on FaucetRemove the stains on your faucets by rubbing it with cut lemon and then rinsing with warm water.

8. Disinfect Shower Head with Vinegar

Disinfect Shower HeadClean your shower head by soaking it in a bag of distilled white vinegar. Fill the bag partway with vinegar, place it over the shower head and secure it with a piece of string. Let it soak for 30 minutes or as needed.

9. Keep Your Mirrors Gleaming With Vinegar

Mirror Gleaming VinegarMix one cup of white vinegar with one liter of water and spray the solution on a cloth. Rub all the mirrors gently and then wipe off with the crumpled newspaper.

10. Clean And Sanitize Bathroom With Bleach

Bathroom CleaningPour bleach or any other disinfectant into the toilet bowl and rinse it clean. Do this at least once a month to avoid stains.

11. Natural cleaning a clogged drain with salt and hot water

Natural Cleaning Clogs

Get rid of greased clogs using salt and hot water. Pour half cup of salt on the clog and slowly pour the boiling water over it.

12. Clean iron covered rust skillet using Potato
Potato Cleaning Skillet
Paired with salt and vegetable oil, this trick will return your rust-covered iron skillet to its former beauty. Apply some salt and vegetable oil over the skillet and rub it until the rust is gone.

13. Clean Blinds using Tongs
Cleaning Blinds Give those tongs, a better work. Wrap Tong with cloth dipped in antiseptic and clean over the blinds.

14. Disinfecting Toilet using Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen Peroxide Bathroom
Hydrogen Peroxide is a good ingredient for disinfecting the Toilet. Pour the peroxide for 30 minutes and flush it afterwards.

15. Clean Microwave using vinegar
Cleaning Microwave Using Vinegar
Heat a bowl of water and vinegar for 5 minutes in the microwave. The steam will dissolve stuck-on stains.

16. Get rid of  Lipstick stains using hair spray
Cleaning Lipstick Mark StainsSpray the spot with hairspray, let it set for 10 minutes, dab with a damp washcloth, and wash as normal.

17. Clean Leather Couch using shoe polish
Cleaning Leather Couch
Get scratches and scuffs out of your leather couches with shoe polish.

18. Get rid of  Grease stains using white chalk
Cleaning Grease StainsRub white chalk over the grease stain. It has powerful absorbing qualities.

19. Disinfect Garbage Disposal using Ice cubes and Vinegar
Disinfecting Garbage Disposal
 Deep clean and deodorize a waste disposal unit by grinding ice cubes made with half vinegar, half water.

20. Wipe down your windshield wipers using Alcohol 

Wipe down your windshield wipers with rubbing alcohol to prevent a smeared windshield.


Keep your home clean to ensure a happy and healthy environment. And, never get embarrassed when guests are home.

Easy Cleaning Tips

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